Movie Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

TL;DR, Marvel is basically just printing their own money at this point. I’ll fully admit, when I heard Marvel was doing a movie featuring a sentient, anthropomorphic raccoon sociopath I had my doubts but they knocked it out of the park.

This is a movie that pretty much has it all. With comedic bits strewn liberally throughout the film, it has both its lighthearted moments as well as its serious ones, both of which come on you with startling joy and surprising stealth and then hit you like a brick between your eyes. The action was good, the effects awesome. While I can’t say I’ve EVER read a comic with any of these characters aside from Thanos, and thus can’t speak to how accurate they are to the comics, I’m very happy with this addition to the MCU and I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again in Avengers 3 (not a spoiler, really, we just already know A3 is going to involve Thanos who is tied pretty tightly to the Guardians so it seems like a likely bet that’s when we’ll see them next).

Go see this movie in the theater, then see it again in the theater.

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One Response to Movie Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Tyler says:

    I agree, this movie was spectacular. I felt like there was some rocky pacing at first – like they rushed to cram in the absolute minimum amount of the Marvel cosmic mythology that you needed to understand the movie *at all*, and then hit their stride at the Kyln. But the acting, writing, and directing were all superb, the visuals were stunning, and they wrote a world where everyone is an amoral scumbag because of the nature of the galaxy in a way that made everyone convincing and compelling.

    To answer your question about comic book accuracy, Star Lord was basically not at all accurate (he’s much more a default Big Hero Guy in the comics by the time he does the Guardians thing); Ronan the Accuser was more Ultimate Ronan than regular Ronan and not quite either of them (regular Ronan is actually more of an antihero at this stage of the game); Gamora is pretty close but is messed with because a lot of her backstory is technically part of the Fantastic Four IP; and Drax is completely wrong in terms of his origin story (he’s a human rebuilt by aliens after being killed by Thanos in the comics), but that’s OK because this version of Drax is a. going to make a better story for the MCU than the Thanos-centric comic version and b. totally awesome, and I do not generally say that of pro wrestlers playing superheroes. The post-credits sequence was of course not at all accurate to any continuity anywhere, but they were messing with us by then anyway.

    If you’ve already seen this movie the two times Matt recommends, see it one more time on my recommendation.

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