A Conversation With Connor

Connor: Daddy, we shouldn’t lick people, should we.
Me: No, you shouldn’t.
Connor: Because it’s gross.
Me: Then why do you keep licking me! (He’ll occasionally make like he’s going to give me a kiss on the cheek and then lick me because he saw his mother do it and thought it was funny)
Connor: *pause* Not all the time…

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2 Responses to A Conversation With Connor

  1. Bon Steele says:

    I, um. I hate to tell you this.
    But, yeah. It doesn’t stop, apparently. The Girl is fifteen and sometimes thinks it’s hi-LAR-ious to lick my forehead.

  2. booksandrice says:

    It’s true. I’ve a 16 and an 18 and they do that to each other. It’s funnier when I do it to them though:)

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