Game Review: Cthulhu Wars

Today I finally got to play our initial test run of Cthulhu Wars, a game I and a friend of mine backed quite some time ago and finally received a few weeks past.

In short, Cthulhu Wars is the story of the struggle between the factions of Great Old Ones and Elder Gods who have brought about the functional destruction of the world and are now fighting over what is left. In the base set the factions are Cthulhu (obviously), Nyarlothotep, Shub-Niggurath, and Has…Has…ok, that one that never gets invited to parties who is very easy to summon if you just say his name three times.

First off, while the base game is a bit pricey, the game itself, from a quality stand-point, is top-notch. The box is made out of heavy card stock that you’d have to put some effort into messing up and has a nice, glossy finish and great art. Inside the the tokens are made out of equally sturdy stock, the art on them is nice. However, the real quality is the game pieces themselves.

Go up to that link and take a look at them. They’re freaking huge! Cthulhu alone is longer than my entire hand with my fingers stretched out. The level of detail on all of them is incredible and, even better, they come assembled so those people without experience with miniature gaming don’t have to futz around with Krazy Glue and stick their fingers together (or worse). While you could paint them if you want to, each faction has its own colored plastic and so telling apart the pieces is very easy.

Holding these pieces in place in the box is a large, sturdy, molded piece of plastic that fits snugly inside. Have you ever had a game that had those flimsy plastic bits that pretty much crumple with the barest amount of pressure? The ones that become so warped over time that it’s less frustrating to do without? Yeah, this isn’t it.

The rest of the figures, the cultists and smaller monsters that make up each faction, fit inside the box underneath the plastic shell. This is the one complaint I have about the box because getting them to fit, AND have the plastic fit inside the box, can get a bit dicey and may require some effort to do.

Cthulhu Wars is one of those games where, looking at it, the game seems incredibly complex however my three friends and I went through the rules while taking our first turn and it ended up being very straightforward; I have no doubt that without the rules I could teach someone how to play. It’s a little like Cthulhu Risk.

While we didn’t get to finish the game due to time constraints (it’s a 1-2 hour game), I’m looking forward to completing one!

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