Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks

The Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks podcast came into being as a result of the 31 Days of Twilight reading challenge between Matthew Marovich and Tyler King. Originally they were going to just podcast their thoughts and feelings after each of the four books in the Twilight Saga (I think giving the adjective “saga” to that drek is being a bit generous, don’t you) but they decided to expand the project to reading one horrible book a month and podcasting about it and thus YBiWDD was born.

Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks can be found on Podbean, iTunes, and the Stitcher podcasting ap.

ETA: We can now be found at and all of our podcasts can be found there as well. I definitely recommend this as the place to go for our bodcast other than iTunes (if you’re an avid iTunes user) as we’re not really paying for Podbean anymore.

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can do so in two ways:
1. Money donations can be sent through Paypal to All money donations will be used for either the podcast or the booze to help us heal from reading these books.
2. You can buy books for us to read. Here’s how it works: let Matt know which book you would like them to read and he will add it to the Amazon wishlist he has set up for the podcast. He’ll then let you know when your book has been added and you go here to buy it.

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